Haul-off belts/Caterpillar belts for pipes and profiles


Caterpillar Belt for 800kg Tqd Caterpillar/Tractor
Caterpillar Belt for 1250kg Tqd Caterpillar/Tractor

Our caterpillar belt used for pneumatic caterpiilar. Now we use rope structure and trimming process instead of original cloth structure.The characteristic is small stretch, streight belt body, wear-resistant and high temperature resistant. And our belts approved by many National Cable Factory, Electrical Machinery Factory.
I. Technical Standard:
1.The belt in the cross-section within the pull of not less than 60kg f/cm² under the conditions of elongation of not more than 1%.
2.Compression layer: tear strength is not greater than 120kg f /cm²
3.Akron wear less than 0.4cm³ / 1.61km
4.Hardness: Shore A type 60 degrees to 65 degrees
5.Adhesion Strength of Strong layer not less than 4.5kg f/cm²
6.The belt life in the condition of not less than 1.5 m / sec is ≥ 3000 hours
7.The appearance of the belt is smooth in the natural state.
8.Rope structure, trimming process.
II. Type: Flat belt,Multi-wedge belt,Groove type belt,guided belt
III. Color:black, red, white, green, blue.


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